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For many years CEEMA has been working closely with leading global companies on automotive design and engineering solutions for both commercial and defence specialist vehicles, including experts in vehicle concept design, development and production as well as developers of vehicle solutions for vehicle chassis.

CEEMA Technology

Complete design & build services



At CEEMA Technology our team of qualified mechanical and electronic design engineers, build technicians and systems engineers have established solid experience in automotive design and vehicle engineering, examples of which include ruggedisation of power supplies in respect to vibration and breakout boxes for use in test and verification of vehicle trials. Furthermore, we work to rigorous standards across the company and meet IPC-6012 qualification and specification for Rigid Printed Boards.

Our in-house automotive design, engineering and production expertise is vast. Below are some examples of products and solutions delivered  by CEEMA Technology for the automotive industry

  • Dustcart concept and detail design
  • HGV cab seating design
  • Trailer design
  • Automotive production layout
  • Engine gauge and measurement test equipment
  • Assistance in vehicle trials providing test  equipment (breakout boxes) for fault finding
  • Engineering design (CAD) for specialist vehicles
  • Cable harness prototype design and build

CEEMA Recruitment

Contract & permanent recruitment solutions 

At CEEMA Recruitment we deliver in-house engineering, design and production expertise to businesses across the automotive sector. Our clients rely on us to source and propose the most suitable and proficient personnel to support and execute key projects, regularly placing experts on both contract and permanent bases. Below are examples of positions handled by CEEMA Recruitment for the automotive industry:

  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering
  • Project management
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Finance and back office