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Box Build / Electronic Packaging

Electronic Packaging

CEEMA Technology in-house design team can assist with mechanical design and electrical schematics as well as providing production expertise to support integration testing, expedite maintenance and streamline the troubleshooting process at the system, subsystem and component level by simplifying the access to test signals. We can take your design from concept through to prototyping and into full production of low volume batch quantities.

CEEMA Technology Engineers balance many objectives and practical considerations  when selecting packaging methods including:

  • Hazards to be protected against: mechanical damage, exposure to weather and dirt, and electromagnetic interference
  • Heat dissipation requirements
  • Trade Offs between tooling capital cost and per-unit cost
  • Trade Offs between time to first delivery and production rate
  • Availability and capability of suppliers
  • User interface design and convenience
  • Ease of access to internal parts when required for maintenance
  • Product safety and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Aesthetics and other marketing considerations
  • Service life and reliability

Box Builds
sBox Builds

Box Build

Legacy Products

We can take care of any obsolescence issues, updating the documentation pack as required and then providing a complete box build service.

Test Boxes

We can build new, accurate and reliable copies of your existing specialist test boxes ensuring that there is no interruption to time critical production and delivery schedules.

Reverse Engineering

From little or no documentation we have the ability to reverse engineer your test box, create new drawings / documentation for production, procure parts and build enhanced replacement units.